In a theatresports workshop you can experience for yourself what it is like to improvise scenes. You will be introduced to different types of theatresports techniques and game forms. Under the guidance of the workshop leaders, you and your companions will discover your inner talents in scenes played by you! Be amazed as you unveil your own creativity and spontaneity.


A short performance in which we show what theatresports is. One team improvises a number of scenes with suggestions from the audience, judged by a small number of judges. A performance such as this grants a theatresports experience with the same entertainment and joy as a show, but in a shortened time.


Nothing lives up a party like having silly, weird, funky or even scary characters walking about. It immediately creates a cheerful atmosphere. And the surprise is even greater when the partygoers think they are dealing with a lost drifter, a crazy bartender or an overzealous cleaning lady.

However, our characters can also turn up in other locations. For example, medieval quests accompanied by medieval songs were give, flowers were handed out at a flower fair, zombies released at a market, snacks delivered during an information day and people welcomed at a wedding. There’s no event or celebration that Pro Deo can’t liven up even more!

Murder mystery

Someone has been murdered … You are drawn into an exciting story. There appear to be several suspects, all with their own strange characteristics. It is up to you as a detective to unmask the culprit. However, you have competition from a large number of colleagues who want exactly the same. An exciting denouement shows whether you were right.

Own interpretation

In addition, Pro Deo can offer much more improv theatre in consultation. We are open to all forms of theatre that are within our reach and our capabilities. Do you have a fun and challenging idea? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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