How it all started

There once was a group of students at the University of Twente, who had taken a theatresports course. Soon after, they decided to set up a theatresports group; they gave it the name Pro Deo. The group grew and grew until the time had come to become an official association at the University of Twente. Pro Deo has been an association since 1993, but already existed informally for much longer.

Over the years, Pro Deo has even won several prizes from, among others, the culture student festival De Pythische Spelen, the Dutch Student Theatresports Championship and the ‘Goud’n Poal’ of the Twents Theatersport Toernooi.

Who we are?

We are a group of energetic, dynamic people full of fun and humor. Together we form Pro Deo, where we practice the art of improvisational theatre in the form of games and competitive formats.

Thursday evening is ours! This is when we have our rehearsals at the Vrijhof building on the university’s campus. We currently have three groups: group 1 (novice) and group 2 (advanced) in Dutch and an international group; these perform alternately in the Amphitheatre and the Kleine Zaal. The beginners dutch and international groups play every Thursday evening from 19:15 to 21:00 and the advanced dutch and advanced international group play from 21:00 to 22:30. Afterwards we often storm the Theatre Café in the Vrijhof to enjoy a drink and each other’s company.

Our classes are taught by two skilled licensed directors. You will learn the basics of theatresports, the different games that theatresports offers, skills like playing with a high or low status, the art of miming and much more.

In addition to theatresports lessons, Pro Deo also offers a lot of extra fun, such as the annual camp, dinners, drinks, and activities organized by our committees. Thanks to the Campus Card the UT and Saxion offer, the contribution is incredibly low: only €20 for a whole year!

So what now?

Never had the pleasure of experiencing an evening of theatresports? No problem!
You are very welcome to come and see what a Pro Deo lesson looks like. And who knows, maybe you will come to like it and grant us the pleasure of welcoming you as our newest member. Membership includes meeting an awesome group of people, no extra charge!

If you would like to be kept informed of open lessons and performances, send an email or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitch.

Our competitions are open to everyone. Theatre and sports. Entertainment guaranteed, and good for your health!

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