Andor Bent

Raised in the wild west of Alkmaar,
I came all the way to Enschede.
Before I knew it I got an itch for improv again,
and the seductive smell of pro-deo lured me in.
Within year the board beacon lit up,
and I answered it’s call…

For me what the members want,
is the most important thing (members first!).
And it is up to us to see if we can make it happen.


Lorena Haase

Hello, welcome and hi whoever is reading this 🙂 I have been part of Pro Deo 3 years now and it has been one of the best decisions to join. On the side I study Psychology but my real job is being the secretary of Pro Deo. So if you ever need some help with paying association fees I am there to guide you through. Just look out for someone looking like your local emo girl during lesson times.

I gotta say that this wonderful theatersports association has won a special place in my heart <3 so if you’re someone who has not yet joined: What are you waiting for?


Dorian Luchtmeijer

Hi! I have been a member of Pro Deo for a little over 3 years at the time of writing, and I am very much enjoying it. This year I will be in charge of the money, since I am currently the treasurer. I am looking forward to a year full of improv theatre and hope to become a better player every year. Next to Pro Deo I am technically a student in the applied mathematics master, but this year I replaced studying with a board year at Apollo (and Pro Deo of course).

I can confidently say that without Pro Deo, I wouldn’t be where I currently am in a lot of ways. And since I quite like this place and I am doing my second Pro Deo board year, I would say Pro Deo is pretty nice.

Previous boards

These people made it possible for Pro Deo to continue its existence



  • Chair: Sofie van den Berg
  • Secretary: Rik Wolterink
  • Treasurer: Alex van Tilburg
  • General Affairs: Debbie Waninge



  • Chair: Rik Wolters
  • Secretary: Lorena Haasse
  • Treasurer: Suzanne van den Berg
  • General Affairs: Dorian Luchtmeijer



  • Chair: Maurice Lemson
  • Secretary: Yannis Linardos
  • Treasurer: Luukas Kiviniemi
  • General Affairs: Auke Hol



  • Chair: Eva Stronkman
  • Secretary: Mark Huizingh
  • Treasurer: Lilian
  • General Affairs: Wibrich



  • Chair: Lineke Polman 
  • Treasurer: Heidi Ulrich
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