Bucket of Death

Theatresports group Kattekwaad from Utrecht stole the show with this game at the NSK in 2003. It is a guaranteed success during demos or to get the audience in a corny mood!

This game is similar to the ”As Many Ons and Offs” but with a dangerous twist.

One puts down a bucket of water;
One puts their head inside it;
Meanwhile, the other three players start a free improvisation scene.
If a players starts to suspect the underwater player is drowning, they find a reason to leave the scene, tag the underwater player and swap places with them. The soaked player enters the scene with an explanation why they are wet (”gee it’s raining like crazy outside!”). Or, the players can completely ignore the fact that the player is soaked as if it is completely normal for wet people to walk in and out of the scene.

  • Watch out when performing this game outside, you can quickly catch a cold!
  • When playing this game you might find out your lung capacity is smaller than you thought, so you will swap a lot creating a beautifully chaotic effect!
  • Put some towels at the ready and realize that the floor will get wet and slippery


In 2016 this game was played with a bucket of custard and thus called the ‘Bucket of Custard’ (‘Bak des Vla’). Be warned.
In 2016 this game was also played by Impact from Arnhem but with a camera at the bottom livestreaming the panicking underwater player’s face to a big screen behind the players.

Submitted by Loes van Schwung

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