Based on the phenomenon of bureaucracy, in which often a lot of actions have to be performed
to reach a certain goal.
A goal action is asked (e.g. brushing teeth) and one or two other actions (e.g. picking apples)
that seemingly have nothing to do with the goal action. In the scene that is played subsequently
it appears that the goal action cannot physically be performed without performing the other
action(s) first. For example: there is no toothpaste and to make toothpaste applesauce is
needed and therefore apples have to be picked. It is nicer to really have a physical dependency
(So not “This sign here says that it is mandatory”)
Depending on the required length of the scene you can focus on the actions or build an
elaborate free improvisation around them
First played by “Pro Deo Wit” on the NSK of 2004

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