During the ACE, one player stands in front with three players behind them. The player in front will start telling a story using a suggestion from the audience. The three spots behind them represent ‘Action’, ‘Color’ and ‘Emotion’ (ACE). A player standing in one of these three spots can take over the story by clapping their hands, shouting ”More Action/Color/Emotion” (depending on which spot they were standing) after which they swap places with the player in front. The player that is now in front will continue the story by adding the element they shouted. For Action, you make sure something happens in the story, whereas for Color, you pause the story to describe the scene in extensive detail. And for Emotion, you describe in detail what the character(s) in the story is/are feeling. The new storyteller keeps doing this until someone else claps their hands and takes over the story again.

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