The group stands in a circle. The first player starts with a completely random word. The next player directly has to say the first word that comes to their mind. This keeps continuing until nobody is thinking about what they are saying anymore. Instead, everyone is freely associating with what the player before them is saying.

Red Light, Green Light

Player A stands with their back to the other players, who form a line at a proper distance (~5 meter) from player A. The goal of the other players is to reach and tag player A without player A noticing when they move. When player A calls ”Green light” the other players get to move closer to player A. But when player A calls ”Red light!”, player A turns around and the other players must freeze in place. If player A catches anyone still moving, they have to go back to the starting line. Then player A turns around again calling ”Green light”. The first player to reach and tag player A gets to take over player A’s role and the game starts over.

Variant: all players, including player A, get a handicap (crawling, hopping on one leg) or a characteristic (e.g. old grandma, combat soldier, gossiping aunt).


Divide the group in pairs. Each pair is going to count to 3 together in the way: player A: ‘1’, player B: ‘2’, A: ‘3’, B: ‘1’, A: ‘2’, B: ‘3’, A: ‘1’, … etc.

This will prove harder than it seems. The difficulty can be increased or decreased, depending on the player’s experience, in the following way: A player saying ‘1’ has to jump, when saying ‘2’ they clap their hands and when a player says ‘3’ they shake their butt. Afterwards, ask the players if they experienced this as more or less difficult.