Best Way to…

The presenter has a list of things made beforehand and is unknown to the players. The presenter then asks all players of both teams to show ‘the best way to…’ e.g. catch a fish, break up with your partner or land a plane. Players can step forward one at the time to present their best way (in a few seconds).

This game is also known as Worst Way to… and is similar to World’s Worst.

Company Shift

The Company Shift is a combination of the Soap and the Shift. You play the shift as you normally would, with two players in the front and two in the back calling +1, -1, +3 etc. However, all scenes are connected as they all take place at the same company and players are the same character throughout their different scenes.

Bucket of Death

Theatresports group Kattekwaad from Utrecht stole the show with this game at the NSK in 2003. It is a guaranteed success during demos or to get the audience in a corny mood!

This game is similar to the ”As Many Ons and Offs” but with a dangerous twist.

One puts down a bucket of water;
One puts their head inside it;
Meanwhile, the other three players start a free improvisation scene.
If a players starts to suspect the underwater player is drowning, they find a reason to leave the scene, tag the underwater player and swap places with them. The soaked player enters the scene with an explanation why they are wet (”gee it’s raining like crazy outside!”). Or, the players can completely ignore the fact that the player is soaked as if it is completely normal for wet people to walk in and out of the scene.

  • Watch out when performing this game outside, you can quickly catch a cold!
  • When playing this game you might find out your lung capacity is smaller than you thought, so you will swap a lot creating a beautifully chaotic effect!
  • Put some towels at the ready and realize that the floor will get wet and slippery


In 2016 this game was played with a bucket of custard and thus called the ‘Bucket of Custard’ (‘Bak des Vla’). Be warned.
In 2016 this game was also played by Impact from Arnhem but with a camera at the bottom livestreaming the panicking underwater player’s face to a big screen behind the players.

Submitted by Loes van Schwung

Monkey Caging

The goal of the Monkey Cage is to make a story using as many game elements as possible. By rapidly using characteristics of different game structures the audience will keep recognizing different game elements. This not only gives a hilarious effect, it also allows for the story to be highlighted from many different angles. The challenge is to keep the story simple as to not overwhelm it with the many different game elements.

– like the ‘Multigame’. this game only works if the audience is experienced in theatresports.
– this game gets its name from the Dutch ‘Apenkooien’ and is a great game to play during the last lesson before the holidays.

Amazing Discovery

In the well-known fashion of TV’s Amazing Discoveries (”Say Mike, what can I do with this?”), a new product is presented. This is done in a playback setting: two players plays as Mike and an admirer who are going to test the product is different ways while the other two players act as their voices. This is done to recreate the dubbing effect. The product turns out to not be working but Mike will keep trying to sell it. The audience watches as it slowly gets out of hand. The product is chosen from an audience suggestion.

Ridiculous Fashion Accessories

The game starts with a regular scene. When a teammate or the judges deem it necessary, they will clap their hands and request a ridiculous fashion accessory from the audience. This accessory has to be immediately implemented into the scene. Ideally the players act as if the accessory has been in the scene the whole time and that it is completely normal for that accessory to have been there.

Suggestions such as pink poodle and water-giving plant have resulted in hilarious scenes.

30 Years Married

Two players have been married for 30 years and are having a ‘nice’ conversation. Meanwhile, two other players play as their thoughts and say what the married players are really thinking. The married players do not hear these thoughts but as these thoughts can add background information, the married players can use this during the scene.

This game is also knows as Conscience.

World’s Worst

The audience is asked for an action which is then performed in world’s worst way possible (the world’s worst way to catch a fish, to kill your neighbor or to tell your girlfriend she has a moustache). And all of this within one minute. The players enter the stage one at the time and the audience is invited to count out loud. ‘World’s worst’ can be used as an encore where both teams join in.

See also: Ten Ways to… and Best Way to…

Sly Poetry

This game is a free improvisation, in which the players express the (cunning) motivation of their actions in the form of poetic fragments.

While playing, a player says “sly poetry,” steps forward or sideways, and performs his poem. Then he steps back and the scene continues.