Sofie van den Berg

Hi! I am the current chair of Pro Deo and happy to keep the association running for another year. I’ve been at Pro Deo for 4,5 years and still enjoy my time here <3 As chair of Pro Deo I keep an eye out for you, the members, and make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. You may call me the supreme leader, but Sofie is fine too.

Also, if you ever need a good movie recommendation feel free to DM me and I will give you a list of ‘must watch’s.

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Rik Wolterink

I joined Pro Deo 2,5 years ago and the only thing I regret is not joining earlier. It has sparked tons of inspiration to do all sorts of theatrical stuff, and now they even convinced me to become a board member. As secretary I keep an eye on the administration and hunt down those members who dare to not pay their DMS! So if you haven’t done so already, well, I know where your house lives >:)

Jokes aside, Pro Deo does truly have a special place in my heart and I look forward to more matches, Theatercafé drinks and NSK 2022!

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Alex van Tilburg

Hello, I am Alex van Tilburg and I am the treasure of the 29th board of pro deo, so if you need money or need to dispose it you can come to me. This will be my third year at Pro Deo. I am a third years student Applied Mathematics and Technical computer science. I am also doing a minor “Leren lesgeven” in the first half of the year. Outside Pro Deo I am also a board game enthusiast. You can ask me anytime to play board games even when I am asleep I want to join a board game.

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Debbie Waninge

I have been enjoying improv for more than two years now at this lovely association. After seeing a lot of matches and playing in a few internal matches I now arrange them myself! But did you know I never played an external match? Why, you ask? It has something to do with the C-word and all the regulations around it. Dare to challenge us for a battle on stage and maybe let me lose my improv virginity? Send me a mail and we can call it a match!

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